About Us

Feiz Plast (Trading-Manufacturing Company) started its activity in 2006 and took an effective step in providing health services in Iran by supplying a variety of products needed by patients.

The activity of this company began with the perspective of sustainable development in meeting the healthcare sector’s needs. The goal of this company is to develop domestic production with an emphasis on the manpower and their capabilities in creating job opportunities for the specialized and talented youth of this country.

Feiz Plast Company factory is located at Shokuhieh Industrial Zone, one of the largest and most important industrial zones in the country. This factory includes a cleanroom facility enjoying the latest ventilation technology and it was designed and manufactured on the basis of global standards. Furthermore, other production facilities are currently active in the factory. Besides these spaces, there are storage, support, and administrative units together with a quality control laboratory.

Feiz Plast Company is the sole private manufacturer of disposable dental equipment such as Dental Needle, Dental Tray, Dental Mirror, Saliva Ejector, Dental Instrument Lubricant Spray, and Dental Cold Spray. In addition, this company has decided to take more effective measures in the domestic production field as well as providing services to the healthcare staff of Iran by developing the company’s product portfolio.

It is worth noting that the Central Store of this company is currently active in the Iran Dental Trade Center.